OSCAR Integrations


  • Secure patient portal – fully integrated with OSCAR
  • Secure bi-directional patient/provider messaging
  • Patients can check results of lab tests and screenings
  • Patients can view current/active medications and request e-refills (Ontario ONLY)
  • Automated booking system allows patients to make appointments and confirm upcoming bookings electronically – reducing no shows!
  • Reduce time clinic staff spend making and receiving calls that address routine matters


  • Automated appointment reminders – fully integrated with OSCAR
  • Automated SMS or E-mail reminders to patients
  • Reminder can be sent 24/48/72 hours prior to an appointment
  • Patients can confirm/cancel appointments electronically
  • EMR auto updates per patient response


  • Intelligent dashboard that interfaces with OSCAR EMR
  • Harvests clinical and operational data to provide real time feedback
  • Captures processes and outcome measures to improve clinical performance
  • Enhances financial overview analysis to optimize billing and efficiency
  • Performs clinical and intelligence analysis


  • Electronic prescription refill requests – fully integrated with OSCAR
  • Physicians and patients can search and view current and active medication list
  • Patients can make an e-fill request to their provider and select their preferred pharmacy
  • Physician can accept, reject, modify, or forward the request
  • If accepted, the physician can send the refill request to the pharmacy electronically via the RapidRx portal
  • Pharmacists notify the patient when the refill is ready
  • Save time by eliminating typical fax/paper communications between physician’s office and pharmacy
  • Available in Ontario ONLY