William Clifford, M.D., B.Sc., B.Med.Sci, M.ScF, FCFP of Prince George - Physician and health information technology pioneer.

MOIS EMR was developed and field-tested in 1990 by Dr. Bill Clifford when he realized there was a real need for software to assist in running a medical office, improving patient care and organizing medical information so that it could be used in a meaningful way. In those early years, colleagues watched Bill’s successes and asked if they could utilize the software he built. Bill unselfishly offered it out, and it continued to grow and be enhanced – working in busy, real-life, practice settings. Bill put all of his energy and brilliance into product development with input from Physicians and various health care workers.

The success of the uptake of the product was inspirational. A better level of patient care was emerging because users were putting MOIS into practice. A community of users was being formed and demand for the product was flourishing.

There came a point when Bill realized that there needed to be an organization behind MOIS.

It was simple.

The client demand for MOIS EMR was surpassing his ability to supply quality and friendly service. Bill sought guidance from various health care, legal, technological and business professionals to determine how to achieve a value driven organization. They landed on a Not-for-Profit Society model with roots firmly planted on working as a co-operative. In keeping with the Not-for-Profit spirit of the project, Bill donated MOIS to the Society for one dollar!

2013 Excellence in BC Health Care Award winner