Our Philosophy

We keep things simple. We improve patient care. We develop software tools and provide implementation and user support for customers using our products and services. AIHS values a partnership approach in working collaboratively with clients including physicians, medical office assistants, nurses, health authorities – you name it. We are committed to adherence to medical informatics standards of best practice in product development and service delivery.


A strong sense of user community is one of the cornerstones of our products and organization. Our user community:

  • has input into software features and enhancements, including usability,
  • participates actively in sharing ideas and suggestions, and
  • promotes learning from each other.

This enables us to continually transform our product and evolve with our users. Our community will not outgrow our software because we care and feed those relationships and ultimately grow with it. This collaborative spirit is what makes users of MOIS and supporters of AIHS devout clients. It is through collaboration that we achieve innovation, quality and excellence.


We are continually looking for ways to extend and improve our MOIS offering. The MOIS Scorecard, AMCARE and affordable integration of Cerner Multum are just a handful of examples.


Inspiring Transformation in Patient Care


We provide ideas, tools and support for people in the healthcare community.


Innovation – Collaboration – Excellence – Commitment – Integrity