“AIHS for us is a real support and a go-to place. If we have a problem we can call them. They answer us that day, we’re never left in the lurch.”

“They are very physician friendly. We just phone them and we usually get an immediate response.”

“AIHS and MOIS for us means reliability, efficiency for our practice and organization.”

— Dr. Cathy Textor, Family Physician

“For me, it’s helped improve my efficiency; for my patients it provides a more comprehensive level of service that without MOIS specifically, I don’t think I would be able to do it.”

“I feel because MOIS was designed by a physician, it’s sort of aligned with the way in which I see things going, the way in which I think, and so I was able to work on how to run a report without having any formal training.”

— Dr. Devan Reddy, Family Physician

“The thing I like most about MOIS is the fact that there is a health maintenance function.”

“It’s that one shot picture of the patient in a holistic way, and in a complete way that shows you everything you need to know in terms of how do you manage that patient’s care, how do you achieve new targets, are their labs and X-rays up to date, are the vaccinations up to date.”

— Dr. Paul Murray, Family Physician