EMR’s integrate vital information into a comprehensive clinical information repository

With an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system you can collect, manage, share and protect all of your critical medical information. EMR records will not be lost or misplaced and are secure and accessible to the right people at the right time.

Increase practice efficiency while lowering cost

By consolidating information across your clinical operations, you increase the pace of information flow including service delivery, lab downloads, coding/billing accuracy, patient encounters and messaging with support staff, which will result in lowering your operating costs. Did we mention you will drastically reduce your paper and toner costs?

Improve Quality of Care

Consolidating and integrating your patient information will improve quality of care. It provides admitting staff, physicians, and other health care professionals appropriate access to patient data while maintaining privacy requirements. This also leads to timely clinical treatment decisions. Utilizing reports allows you to be proactive in managing patient health.

Administrative and Management Benefits

  • Review your Scorecard
  • Eliminate the task of creating and managing paper charts
  • Provide rapid access to comprehensive information when needed – fewer misplaced or duplicate charts
  • Communicate key information quicker and with more accuracy
  • Provide rapid responses to chart/record requests and audits
  • Optimize your medical billing

An electronic medical record system allows more time invested in caring for patients.


An electronic medical record system secures records electronically and backup files are priceless in emergencies. In addition, only authorized users may access them.


Electronic medical record technology allows information to be downloaded directly into your system. Authorized individuals can access an electronic medical record from any location.


The most important aspect during the transition of your office from paper to electronic charts is support. Utilize the services fully to ease the migration.


EMRs pay for themselves in a very short time by providing greater practice efficiency, data capture, backups and reducing operating costs.